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      Citadel of Academic Excellence

      Ave Maria International Academy is a private co-educational Christian school. It is established on the foundation of discipline and excellence. Our main focus is to create a 21st century global standard academic institution in Nigeria where children are built up with strong academic and moral principle.

      We further aim to nurture every child with wisdom to fully attain their unique God given potentials.

      Ave Maria International Academy is a new, purpose-built campus with state-of-the-art ICT, Science Laboratories, Catering Craft Practice Laboratory, library and sporting facilities, and a playground. Our mission is to develop leaders in the global citizenry, and to cultivate leadership through discipline and academic excellence. In addition to academic excellence which is our primary goal, we also place emphasis on a comprehensive Co-curricular Activities through which every student can groom their God given talents and abilities, whether in music, sporting, dancing, creative arts, technology or purely academic.

      The overall school atmosphere is exciting and vibrant. Please explore our website and discover the excellent Academic and Co-curricular Programs where teaching and learning is designed to educate the "whole child". The Core Values of Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness underpin our philosophy and practice. We wholeheartedly invite you to visit our school at any time, as we assure you a very conducive atmosphere for learning and enjoyment for your kids.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is raising a Godly Generation through a Christian nurtured environment. In A.M.I.A our quality assurance is uncompromised and your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Mission

    To provide a creative, humane, secure and Christ Centered Learning Environment that projects our Children on an edge as Outstanding Leaders/Ambassadors to influence their generation positively.

  • Core Values

    Godliness, Rectitude and Academic Excellence